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Mbiri™ prides itself on using natural Namibian plant ingredients. The core of the brand lies in Namibian Myrrh, which is wild-harvested by the Himba people of northwestern Namibia. The essential oil is extracted from a resin, which Himba women have been using for centuries as an ingredient in their traditional perfume.

During the dry seasons the tree, Commiphora wildii, naturally exudes this resin. The women collect the resin in the mountains of this remote and arid region. The women traditionally call the resin Omumbiri, hence the name Mbiri.

The harvesting of this resin is sustainable as only naturally exuded resin is collected. The resin is sent to a harvester-owned processing facility where the essential oil is extracted. This essential oil is bought from the facility and is used in all of the Mbiri™ products.

Mbiri™ also uses Marula and Kalahari Melon Seed oils, which are harvested in the north central regions of Namibia. These oils are sourced from a women’s co-operative.

The brand is approved by Phytotrade Africa, a fair-trade initiative that promotes community enterprises throughout southern Africa, as well as Beauty Without Cruelty and The Vegan Society.